Friday, 31 March 2017

tom trueheart

Tom True heart
Once I was a little boy and I was a size of a thrum, so I was so scared and  whenever animal’s came passed me I hide under a leaves so I got out of the leaves and I was in a snow mountain and the I got a nice and fluffy coat to have on me so I went to a cool,loud,funny,nice and freezing place and then I went to go onto a amazing place in the forest.
I went onto a big,giant,cool,best and amazing place up in a tree and then I went to go onto the best hiding space in my life it was in a little,tiny and warm place it was in a little hole in a tree and then I went to go to get some food and why I was walking I just remember that my family was gone
Then when I finished my food i was trying to find my family and the I went to go look and look and search for 5 days and then I once saw them and I said is that yous my family and then they looked at me and they said yes that is us and then I ran to them and then I and then they ran to me and then I hugged Them.
Then we went to my house up in that tree so they had to live with me and then……...we went out to get some food and then I saw a bird it was trying to get my mum,dad,sister’s and brother’s so I had the lucy sard and then I went to go make it look at the sard and then it died so that's what my sard dose I was telling yous.
But I have on problem I am a size of a thurm people keep saying ahaha you are as small as a ant plus you are as small as a sipe and I don’t like it can yous do something about it please cause yous are way taller then me please and they said” yes we will help you what help do you need”I said “thank you so much for your help thank you”and they said”it’s ok that’s what we always do to our family” and I said “ohhh that's nice of yous,yous are a nice family to me” but when I went out to go get food I had one problem a robber came the one that  tried to get my nice and best family ever and then I went to go get my best sard it could do anything when big people me it is so so so so cool but there was heaps of there big and giant thing it was so so so scary AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT IS ONLY COMING FOR MEEEEE they were like
“HAHAHA” and I said  “what is happening yous run under the tree again plz i'll get the food”, they said ‘ok we will do that for you” and then I just got passed them when...
A foxx came “AAAAAAAAWWW”said the foxx “i’m going to kill you this time” i said “ nooooooo it’s the animal that came before that and then I was so so so scared i new that the foxx would come to me  I knew it would cause it always comes to me cause the big big foxx is evil because …….“ it is going for my family nooooo” I am so scared why do you they have to do that ok then come for me then not them please and the fox said “ok i will do that” and I scream “AHHHH what is happening right here i’m only a size of a thurm remember that” and day I finally made the foxx die cause I was fighting for ever and ever so i was going to get some food for my family and it was so so so so scary cause no one was around me cause i’m a little,tiny,small and cool person so I was trying to get my family to come with me so I wasn’t so scared and then…..yay they were coming and then I said… “yay thank yous for coming with me so I was not scared” and they said…”it’s ok” and then we went home to go to eat our food and then I found a big,giant,biggest,tall and tallest bird in my life so I went outside and gave it food for it so I  could keep the big bird and then I went to go find my family again cause they ran away with my food and I was so starving so I  and then I went to go find them on my  big bird and then I went and went and went to go fast as a trigger but faster than that and then I found then and then we all went to bed after that big and giant day cause I am so little and I was so so so lucky from my family and then I went to sleep and then i was so so so tired.

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