Friday, 5 May 2017

The somalia


Once it was 6.15 in the morning and that morning…… some pirates were coming to our red,rusty,big,giant and best ship. They came because they thought we had heaps of cool things in our ship but...we didn’t have that cool stuff and then we hear...knock knock it was crooks coming up for our stuff.  We all put our hands up because we were so scared of them and then once a person came the person said “you know who I am I am the new boss now give me the hat and then keys…...give me the keys” then the old boss gave the things and then……..robots came out of the ship.

Then the boss was getting so scared because robots are so strong and then when the robots came out and then they went to go make the other pirates  cry so the new boss got scared  and then the new boss was trying to make the robots get away so we can win.

knock Knock on his back ahhhhh it was the biggest robot ever and the strongest one ever I was so scared cause of that and then…….I said “please don’t pick me up pleases and do slide me under the table please” and then….he did do that because I told him not to do it if I didn’t tell him that what of been cool.

“Yayyyy we are the winners” said the robots and then they said “now you know who you are, the boss now” to the old old boss and gave him the hat and then the key and then the new boss was like “ thank you thank you thank you robot” and then the robot said “it’s ok” and then all of them said “TEAM” yayyyyyy.

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