Monday, 19 June 2017

paua facts


first we watched a video and then we went and made a side show or a thing-link and then we did facts                                                                 about it

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Nervous system

                   WAL about the nervous system

The roro

for making the brain helmet we did any colours and then I cut all the side and then taped it all up 

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Titanium slow writting

If I didn’t get that power if I didn’t get the police on me if I didn’t see guns then. I would be ok but I was scared,shocked,depressed.A person came and I heard  nok nok on A door I ran to the other door I went into the bushes.I was slowly,angrily,powderly ran into the I was walking outside. I was grinded my teeth and bit my nails and scrunched my teeth and then…….boooom his back powers came be was scaredly running down the forest in a satisfying way he was jump,diving and ducking all the police ran out of the forest they all ran as fast as they could speedly they ran to the boys house knock knock I heard something I ran to the door and then…… I just remembered I forgot the keys so….  I looked out  the window and then….. Police were all around the house but then….. I just remembered that I had a secret window so I jumped out of the window and the window  

Friday, 5 May 2017

The moa

The Moa
Sourced from: arbs
This task is about reading to find information and make inferences. Read the article below then answer the questions that follow.

Nobody today has seen a live moa – the bird is extinct.

The things we know about the moa come from accounts left by people who saw it in the past, and from the studies of scientists.File:Moa skeleton.JPG

Thousands and thousands of moas have lived and died here, but their bodies have all rotted away long ago. In order to find out how the moa looked and lived, scientists must study the things which are still left – mainly bones.

As well as the bones, people often find little heaps of stones which came from the bird's gizzard. The moa swallowed these stones to help grind up its food. And in very dry parts of New Zealand, people have even found skin and feathers, still stuck to dried-up moa bones.File:Hunting Moa - rotated.jpg

If you have been to a museum, you may have seen a model of a moa. The model has been built by using all this information as a guide.

Model-building is not very difficult to do. We have lots of moa bones. If you put a set of bones together to make a skeleton, you then have a shape of the bird.

There are places on the bones which show where the muscles should go. You can model the muscles from a plastic material and put them on to the skeleton. Then you put a skin over it.Other resolutions: 160 × 240

It is more difficult to find the right sort of feathers. Most models use emu feathers. The moa feathers which have been found look soft and droopy, like emu feathers. But they have more colour than those of the emu – they are golden-brown, with a purple streak down the middle.

Even so, these feathers may be faded. Some early Maori, who were asked about moas, said that they had bright, bright feathers. It may be that the moa was more brightly coloured than the models that you see in the museum.
Source: School Journal, Part 2, No 3, Learning Media, 1982.

Use the text above to answer these questions. Highlight your answer

1. Information about moas comes mainly from
(A)   Studies of dried skin and feathers.
(B)   Scientific studies and records of people's observations.
(C)   Remains found in very dry parts of New Zealand.
(D)   Stories told by early Maori.
(E)   Making visits to museums.

2. What is often found together with moa bones?
(A)   Rotting bodies.
(B)   Skin and feathers.
(C)   Small piles of stones.
(D)   Birds' gizzards.
(E)   Ground-up food.

3. Which is the best description of a 'gizzard'?
(A)   Container for small stones.
(B)   Part of a bird's stomach.
(C)   What is left when a bird dies.
(D)   Part of a moa.
(E)   Part of a bird's digestive system.

4. How is the basic shape of the moa worked out?
(A)   By looking at the places where muscles attach to the bones.
(B)   From making a model out of plastic material.
(C)   By reading accounts left by people who once saw it.
(D)   From examining dried skins and feathers.
(E)   By putting together a complete set of bones.

5. Compared with emu feathers, moa feathers were probably
(A)   Softer and droopier.
(B)   Less colourful.
(C)   Harder and stiffer.
(D)   Faded and streaked.
(E)   Brighter.

6. Why has no living person ever seen a live moa?
  • Because no person was alive when they were born

7. Why would moa skin and feathers only be found in 'very dry' parts of New Zealand?
  • Because in the wet places they would have rotted away.

8. How do scientists know where the moa's muscles were attached to its skeleton?

  • There are places  the bones that show where the muscles should go.

The somalia


Once it was 6.15 in the morning and that morning…… some pirates were coming to our red,rusty,big,giant and best ship. They came because they thought we had heaps of cool things in our ship but...we didn’t have that cool stuff and then we hear...knock knock it was crooks coming up for our stuff.  We all put our hands up because we were so scared of them and then once a person came the person said “you know who I am I am the new boss now give me the hat and then keys…...give me the keys” then the old boss gave the things and then……..robots came out of the ship.

Then the boss was getting so scared because robots are so strong and then when the robots came out and then they went to go make the other pirates  cry so the new boss got scared  and then the new boss was trying to make the robots get away so we can win.

knock Knock on his back ahhhhh it was the biggest robot ever and the strongest one ever I was so scared cause of that and then…….I said “please don’t pick me up pleases and do slide me under the table please” and then….he did do that because I told him not to do it if I didn’t tell him that what of been cool.

“Yayyyy we are the winners” said the robots and then they said “now you know who you are, the boss now” to the old old boss and gave him the hat and then the key and then the new boss was like “ thank you thank you thank you robot” and then the robot said “it’s ok” and then all of them said “TEAM” yayyyyyy.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

WALT write a narrative through the eyes of one of the children or one of the soldiers
Beyond the line
I was in the war and then I was made out of  paper. I was daydreaming of us being in the war with my granddad. But I would have been so scared of going to the war.

I would have died but I was with my friend who saved me.  I was getting way more scared and scared,  and then I saw my best friend, her name is Aliyah. Aliyah  did die. I didn’t want to be in the war anymore because my dad would have died and I don’t want him to die because he is so nice.

Then I was hearing gunshots and then my dad got up and shot them all.  I  got up and looked at all the soldiers .  When I got up  my  dad died because he got out of the trench and then I said “dad wake up “ but my dad was trying to say” I, I think i’m dying” and I was like “ no no noooooo you arent” and he said “yes I am” and then Aliyah my best friend said “noooo I  don’t want him to die he is so nice”and they were as scary as  lions and  as  dirty as a hippo. Because they are so dirty and big and mean to us. Because they don’t like us, because we try to kill them and they try do that to us.  Because I don’t like them and they don’t like me, because they try and shoot  me and then  everyone was just too scared to be in war now and we all lied about our ages. I’m 24 and all my other friends are only 19 and most of my friends have already died because they were shot by a girl could Ngapera. Then we went to go back home to my grandson.

In the end  when I went to sleep I heard peng, peng  “the guns shot while I was sleeping so I had to go to get up and go and shoot them and then I ran to go back to my grandkids because they had been missing me to much so I had to come back because I missed them as well.

I had to have sleep every day plus all day because I was so tired once I got home because I didn’t get sleep when I was at war so I went to school with them sometimes because I would be asleep sometime and then we lived happily ever after the end.

Friday, 7 April 2017

The Cloud

   WALT use basic  punctuation correctly 

 The Cloud
Hi I am a cool,best and helpful could cause this is the thing I’m not a normal cloud I’m a cool one cause I can go through things and plus I am made out of water and then I can  help people.I always go to people to let them look at my brothers and sisters and this is how they see my brothers and sisters. so they follow me and then I will go to my brothers and sisters so they can see them and them I will help if I have to help others cause I’m a kind cloud.

I have to go everywhere, when I go over the nice city's cause I have to so I can see my brothers and my sisters and that's how nice I am to them so they can help me out with staff  and then I always help but they help as well.

I also go to help but they can’t help me back but I think they try help me back I think they do but I want them to help me with some thing cause I love helping but...I really do want them to help but they don’t help me cause I fly and they don’t fly like me.

I went everywhere one time but...when I went to go to my last place I went so I went in I got a big,giant,tall and strongest shock in my life and then this was the scary part a cat thing came out of nowhere and then the cat said…”hhhhh” and then I ran away,  cause I was scared cause I don’t like doing that because it is so so so sore that’s why.

I really like doing this like helping and I haven't told you this but once I saw a fire and then people were trying and trying to put the fire out and then I came and put the fire out cause I’m not just normal cloud I’m an amazing cloud but....people don’t love me back.

Here is some way that clouds can help you.

They block the sun if it is to hot

They can always help you when you have a fire and it is raining.
If it is so hot it will maybe block it and then it will go windy.
Here is some ways that clouds can not help you.

If it is hot it will go raining.

If it is a raining day it will not help you.

Like if you have a netball game it will be raining.

Like if you don’t have you shoes on and you have socks on and then you walk into the rain.

So that’s how they can or not but I always be helpful and then I went to go to see what people were doing today but they were not doing much today because it is so so so so raining outside and then I saw someone doing a rugby game and then I saw that girl slip over her shoes lace and then she got a broken arm and then I could just made it reverse and then I made her tie her shoes up and that’s how I became good but that was heaps of years ago.

Friday, 31 March 2017

The giraffes facts

tom trueheart

Tom True heart
Once I was a little boy and I was a size of a thrum, so I was so scared and  whenever animal’s came passed me I hide under a leaves so I got out of the leaves and I was in a snow mountain and the I got a nice and fluffy coat to have on me so I went to a cool,loud,funny,nice and freezing place and then I went to go onto a amazing place in the forest.
I went onto a big,giant,cool,best and amazing place up in a tree and then I went to go onto the best hiding space in my life it was in a little,tiny and warm place it was in a little hole in a tree and then I went to go to get some food and why I was walking I just remember that my family was gone
Then when I finished my food i was trying to find my family and the I went to go look and look and search for 5 days and then I once saw them and I said is that yous my family and then they looked at me and they said yes that is us and then I ran to them and then I and then they ran to me and then I hugged Them.
Then we went to my house up in that tree so they had to live with me and then……...we went out to get some food and then I saw a bird it was trying to get my mum,dad,sister’s and brother’s so I had the lucy sard and then I went to go make it look at the sard and then it died so that's what my sard dose I was telling yous.
But I have on problem I am a size of a thurm people keep saying ahaha you are as small as a ant plus you are as small as a sipe and I don’t like it can yous do something about it please cause yous are way taller then me please and they said” yes we will help you what help do you need”I said “thank you so much for your help thank you”and they said”it’s ok that’s what we always do to our family” and I said “ohhh that's nice of yous,yous are a nice family to me” but when I went out to go get food I had one problem a robber came the one that  tried to get my nice and best family ever and then I went to go get my best sard it could do anything when big people me it is so so so so cool but there was heaps of there big and giant thing it was so so so scary AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT IS ONLY COMING FOR MEEEEE they were like
“HAHAHA” and I said  “what is happening yous run under the tree again plz i'll get the food”, they said ‘ok we will do that for you” and then I just got passed them when...
A foxx came “AAAAAAAAWWW”said the foxx “i’m going to kill you this time” i said “ nooooooo it’s the animal that came before that and then I was so so so scared i new that the foxx would come to me  I knew it would cause it always comes to me cause the big big foxx is evil because …….“ it is going for my family nooooo” I am so scared why do you they have to do that ok then come for me then not them please and the fox said “ok i will do that” and I scream “AHHHH what is happening right here i’m only a size of a thurm remember that” and day I finally made the foxx die cause I was fighting for ever and ever so i was going to get some food for my family and it was so so so so scary cause no one was around me cause i’m a little,tiny,small and cool person so I was trying to get my family to come with me so I wasn’t so scared and then…..yay they were coming and then I said… “yay thank yous for coming with me so I was not scared” and they said…”it’s ok” and then we went home to go to eat our food and then I found a big,giant,biggest,tall and tallest bird in my life so I went outside and gave it food for it so I  could keep the big bird and then I went to go find my family again cause they ran away with my food and I was so starving so I  and then I went to go find them on my  big bird and then I went and went and went to go fast as a trigger but faster than that and then I found then and then we all went to bed after that big and giant day cause I am so little and I was so so so lucky from my family and then I went to sleep and then i was so so so tired.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT use punctuation correctly.

I am still working on my punctuation but I am getting better.

Ngapotiki Arctic Circle

Once I went to a old,cold and freezing place even though that I was cold I had to work so hard the thing that I was doing was……...I had to spin this thing and then one day one apple came off the tree so…. I got it I was so hungry that I only took like 5 scenes to eat the apple so I saw a orange box and then I walked up to it and then I touched it and it gave me a shock then I holded it, I got so heated and then I went to the tree and then I touched it after that heaps of apples came off the tree.

I ate one apple and then I saw the magical box move so I walked up to the box and then the box kept walking away it was so hard to get it and then i finally got the brown and red box I was playing around with my hands and then  was feeling so happy and then……I was turning into a box I was not feeling happy after that happend so I was shouted TIM HELP ME PLEASE tim walked out of the house and he thought ohh I think that was in my heap cause I was in the box then when that happened it was so bad I there but i’m so sleepy i mite go for a sleep but……..TIM HELP HELP HELP PLEASE but he did it again sooooo I went to go to his house and Tim heard the bell ring and then I Tim saw the box from me yay.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

My DLO on maths

WALT solve addition and subtraction problems where the numbers are easily related to near double’s. I hope you enjoy it

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Te Roe maori

kia ora whanau. This I my collection of whakatakauki and what they mean I hope you enjoy reading I will be adding a new slides every week .

Monday, 6 March 2017

Nau mai, haere mai ki tēnei taonga

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