Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Arctic Circle

WALT use punctuation correctly.

I am still working on my punctuation but I am getting better.

Ngapotiki Arctic Circle

Once I went to a old,cold and freezing place even though that I was cold I had to work so hard the thing that I was doing was……...I had to spin this thing and then one day one apple came off the tree so…. I got it I was so hungry that I only took like 5 scenes to eat the apple so I saw a orange box and then I walked up to it and then I touched it and it gave me a shock then I holded it, I got so heated and then I went to the tree and then I touched it after that heaps of apples came off the tree.

I ate one apple and then I saw the magical box move so I walked up to the box and then the box kept walking away it was so hard to get it and then i finally got the brown and red box I was playing around with my hands and then  was feeling so happy and then……I was turning into a box I was not feeling happy after that happend so I was shouted TIM HELP ME PLEASE tim walked out of the house and he thought ohh I think that was in my heap cause I was in the box then when that happened it was so bad I there but i’m so sleepy i mite go for a sleep but……..TIM HELP HELP HELP PLEASE but he did it again sooooo I went to go to his house and Tim heard the bell ring and then I Tim saw the box from me yay.

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