Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Titanium slow writting

If I didn’t get that power if I didn’t get the police on me if I didn’t see guns then. I would be ok but I was scared,shocked,depressed.A person came and I heard  nok nok on A door I ran to the other door I went into the bushes.I was slowly,angrily,powderly ran into the I was walking outside. I was grinded my teeth and bit my nails and scrunched my teeth and then…….boooom his back powers came be was scaredly running down the forest in a satisfying way he was jump,diving and ducking all the police ran out of the forest they all ran as fast as they could speedly they ran to the boys house knock knock I heard something I ran to the door and then…… I just remembered I forgot the keys so….  I looked out  the window and then….. Police were all around the house but then….. I just remembered that I had a secret window so I jumped out of the window and the window  

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